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In today’s market the consumer is more knowledgeable than ever.  This is in large part to the tools offered to buyers and sellers via the internet and technology.  We have many services for our clients that make their process of buying or selling a home easier and faster.


Searching the internet for available homes can be tiresome and not always accurate.  The need to find correct and timely information is critical to insuring a quality experience through your transaction.

–  Customized search for available current properties

–  Online virtual tours (when available)

–  Free consultation

–  No obligation, no commitments


Smart sellers are utilizing the internet to find the value of their home or to search county websites for information on their neighbors sales transactions.  The advantage to using our eServices for sellers is that you can benefit from receiving accurate and reliable information from the comfort of your home and not worry about having to register with any websites.  We do not spam, solicit or sell any of the email or contact information we collect.

–  Online Custom Market Analysis

–  County record information on your property

–  Free consultation

–  No obligation, no commitments


Selling With WHY USA

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The traditional Real Estate Brokerage will charge sellers up to 7% to market and sell their home.  We give you all the services and support they do; we just don’t charge the high commissions.

The traditional discount company will charge a smaller commission but in most cases the services and exposure are also discounted!

Now you have an alternative! Our exclusive Why USA program offers sellers the exposure, services and support of a traditional Real Estate Brokerage with the advantage of lower commissions!

Before you pay a 7% commission, or even $2,500 call us to find out how you can save your equity, gain exposure through the MLS, and have a quality realtor network plus aggressive advertising.  You will feel secure in knowing that you are supported by an Experienced Local Real Estate Brokerage!

Do not be fooled by a Bank, Lawyer, or a Mortgage Co. trying to sell real estate.  We offer one of the most favorable commission programs in the metro area. We have been in business locally since 1994 and have saved thousands of dollars for sellers with our program.  We can get results for you and your family today!


We offer discount commissions on all of our listings while never compromising the quality of our services. We offer an even lower commission rate if the buyer is procured by either the home owner or the listing agent. We do not discuss specific rates on the telephone but will structure a commission plan that works best for you, based upon your particular situation, the condition of the property and the probable selling price. No one can save you money like we can. Saving money is important, but our experience, combined with our discount commissions is invaluable!


Buying With WHY USA

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The process of buying your home can be very simple or very complex.  The key is to have a professional, experienced Realtor helping you through the entire process.


From day one we are focused on providing you the service and support you demand.  We start by listening to your needs and desires for your next home; then we search our database and MLS.  We ask the right questions that will bring you closer to your perfect property, and then show you as many homes as needed.  Our goal is to find you the right property and then negotiate with the seller to bring you the best price and terms possible.  We specialize in communicating and educating you through the process to closing and always insure that your best interest is our highest priority.  You will never wonder what comes next or be surprised by any problems.  We have many years of experience selling real estate locally so we know what it takes to get the job done that will exceed your highest expectations!


The question we receive most from our buyers is “what will it cost to use WHY USA Independent Brokers to represent me?”


The answer is zero! We receive a standard commission from the sellers,  so our service to all our buyers is free.  We have the advantage of independence so we are not moved one way or the other in our dealings.  Our only concern is finding you the right property and providing the greatest buying experience for you.

WHY USA Independent Brokers does not enter dual agency arrangements as many other companies do. This means we work exclusively for you as your buyer agent and can give you 100% representation. Every thing we do will be on your behaf. Dual agents who aslo work for the seller as the listing agent cannot tell you everything because they represent both the seller and buyer and have to be careful regarding what advice they give you.

For a limited time when you purchase a home from a specific WHY USA Independent Brokers agent you will receive a rebate of the commission WHY USA receives on the sale from the listing company.
Another advantage of working with a WHY USA Independent Brokers agent is that we do not charge an administrative fee as many companies do to sell you a home.

We work with many morgage companies that can preapprove you for a loan. One company even guarantees your house payment if you lose your job. Ask your WHY USA Independent Brokers agent  for more details.

If you would like help finding a home we can e-mail new listings or mail this information to you. Please fill out the following form and know that all your infomation will be kept confidential and will never be shared with anyone. We work with all realtors in the MLS in Nebraska and Iowa and also with all builders of new construction, including Celebrity and Hearthstone.

NIFA Down Payment Program

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Management Profiles

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John Clark, owner and broker of Why USA Independent Brokers, has been working as a Realtor in Omaha, NE for more than 30 years. In that time he has worked with countless buyers and sellers and has managed offices and mortgage companies. John is a people person first and foremost but he is also a born-entrepreneur. Before working in Real Estate, John owned a teen night club (King Arthur’s in Benson), a record shop and many other endeavors. He is also well known in the community for his work and advocacy with the ARC of Omaha (previously known as GOARCthe Greater Omaha Association for Retarded Citizens). John graduated from Creighton Prep High School, Conception Seminary and attended Graduate School at UNO. He is the proud parent of two sons and two daughters and he currently resides in West Omaha with his wife and adopted 7-year-old grandson, Matthew. John is a workaholic, but he also keeps himself busy by cheering on the Nebraska Cornhuskers and playing with his 7 grandchildren.

Amanda Clark, daughter of owner/broker John Clark, has been working as a Realtor/Salesperson in Omaha, NE for 7 years. She works with buyers and sellers as well as with tenants and owners in the property management division of the company. When she’s not hard at work maintaining the company Web site, blog and other real estate marketing tools, she can be found working at the Ollie Web Center as a mentor, teacher and companion to adults with disabilities. Amanda attended both Marian and Westside High School and the University of Nebraska at Omaha. She resides in Benson (one of her favorite areas in Omaha, NE) with her husband Ryan and two cats, Jetta and Romero.


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John and Amanda,
It was not easy…but we sincerely appreciate your efforts to help us with the sale of our property!
Thank you, Damon and Kim Young

Dear John,
Cindy and I want to thank you for the professional job you did in handling the transaction of our house sale in Omaha. You made the ordeal relatively painless considering everything was handled well on a long distance basis and the current state of the housing market in Omaha. We will not hesitate to recommend your services to our friends in Omaha who are considering buying or selling a home.
Thanks again, Rowley and Cindy Tedlock

When we listed my mother’s house with you, my sisters and I had no idea that it would sell in such a short time. Your call with an offer only 4 days after listing was very exciting. The information and advice you gave us proved to be extremely beneficial. I believe that had it not been for your suggestions and diligence, the property would have been on the market a long time.
I was extremely impressed with you, your agency and it’s service. I promptly received returned calls and any follow up points were answered quickly. John, you went out of your way on many occasion to accommodate us wan we sincerely appreciate it. You left no stone unturned and made this difficult and emotional situation easier to handle. Please accept my sincere thanks for all your hard work.
Sincerely, Esther Criger

Dear John,
We just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for you assistance in selling our home We wanted to sell the house on our own, but also wanted the publicity that the MLS Book and the Realty Computer System offered. With you system, we got Both.
Since we were able to find the buyer , we were able to pay you the minimum fee. This was sure  great help in the purchase of our new home. AND – you handling all of the negotiation and paperwork was a tremendous load off our minds.
Again, we thing your program is great and really appreciate all the help you gave us. The deal went through smooth as silk, and we would highly recommend your services to any our friends. Sincerely, Jack and Patty Wawrzynkiewicz

Dear John,
We would like to tell you how much we appreciated the manner in which you handled the sale of our property. In the professional manner in which all details were taken care of. Also, for you personal commitment in the manner in which the sale was handled. Thank you also for your follow up and straighten out he problem with our mortgage lender. Our deepest thank you. May the Lord Bless you.
In Christ, Reverend Jim and Yvonne Pierce

To Whom it May Concern:
I have known John Clark in a professional capacity for a long time. I agreed to let him sell my house. He recommended listing the house at a price that would allow for anticipated negotiation, but was still a fair asking price. The closing occurred as scheduled with excellent possession terms by my date of departure. This saved me the expense of two moves, as well as the associated inconvenience. Mr Clark’s analysis of the offer and potential net was very close to the actual figure I received; the closing went smoothly with Mr. Clark representing me at the actual event. The property also appraised as he had assessed it, although this had been an initial concern for me. Mr. Clark always presented himself in a professional and gentlemanly fashion.
Sincerely yours, Stephen Ferrante, M.D.

Why USA Independent Brokers Realty FAQ’S

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Our exclusive program was developed with the simple idea of offering traditional services with lower commissions. In today’s market you basically have 5 choices in selling your home:
1. FSBO – “going it alone”
2. FSBO Web Sites – Paying upfront fees to “go it alone” with other FSBO’s
3. Listing with a Discount Broker and receiving discounted services.
4. Listing with a “Full Price” Traditional Broker and charging typically 7%
5. Why USA Independent Broker – The Best of All Worlds.

Why USA Independent Brokers Realty FAQ’S




FSBO FSBO Web Sites Discount Brokers Traditional Brokers Why USA
Upfront fees to initially list property for sale Yes Yes Maybe No No
On going fees to sell such as advertising, for sale and directional signs, flyers, web expenses, Etc. Yes Yes Maybe No No
Lock Box fees to make showings convenient for buyers and sellers N/A Yes No No No
MLS Cost for exposure to realtor’s buyers N/A Yes No No No
Low commission to net the most money and save Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Realtor Market Analysis to correctly price property No No Yes Yes Yes
Pre-qualify all buyers to insure sale will close No No Yes Yes Yes
Expertise on financing and completing proper paper work to comply w/federal and state law No No Maybe Maybe Yes
1-800 marketing program-24 hour lead capture system No No No Maybe Yes
Large nationwide referral network   of realtor to realtor contact No No Maybe Yes Yes
Support and consultation from an experienced realtor on how to expose and sell the property No No Maybe Maybe Yes
Performance guarantee – we will cancel the listing if we don’t perform in a reasonable time. No No Maybe Maybe Yes
Negotiating help to get the best price and terms No No Maybe Maybe Yes
Freedom to work and play without missing a prospective buyer showing No No Yes Yes Yes
Fee to expose listings on N/A Yes No No No

Home Page

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WHY USA Independent Brokers has been serving the Omaha community since 1994. We have helped thousands of sellers and buyers save money in their real estate transactions while providing superior service and support. When looking at your options in today’s changing market you will find the advantages we offer will exceed your expectations.

When selling, the big decision is whether to list with a traditional full service brokerage, sell your home as FSBO, or somewhere in between. Now you can take advantage of our program that utilizes all the advantages of a ‘Full Service’ brokerage and still gives you the opportunity to save money and have the advantages of a FSBO.

WHY USA Independent Brokers is part of a nationwide franchise. WHY USA stands for “We Hear You America” and is America’s real estate alternative. WHY USA’s goal is to provide full services, save the seller money and provide more options to the seller. We are in the Multiple Listing System (MLS) in Nebraska and fully cooperate with all realtors. We pay selling realtors their normal selling fee based on a typical 7% commission, even though we don’t charge a 7% fee to the seller. We just receive less for the listing portion of the sale. The selling agent does not care who has the listing, as long they receive their normal fee and their client is happy with the house they are buying. The selling agent does not know what WHY USA is charging the seller, only what they are to receive at closing.

WHY USA Independent Brokers does not charge an administrative fee to either buyer or seller as many other brokerages do. We also do not serve as dual agents. This means we always represent you as the seller or buyer and we owe you, our client, our utmost allegiance and will serve your best interests.

If you purchase a home through select WHY USA Independent Brokers Agents you can also receive a rebate of the commission that WHY USA Independent Brokers receives on the sale. This is a limited offer and you should ask your WHY USA Independent Brokers Agent for details.