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What Do I Look For in a Client?

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I’ve dropped clients or haven’t taken on new ones that I’ve thought could cause problems. I’m picky about my clients in the same way that buyers and sellers are picky about which agent they choose to work with. And just the way a client  is quick to throw blame around when things get sour, so am I. It’s my goal to avoid it and that’s why I over prep and am picky about who I work with.

What I look for:

1) Motivation – Is this buyer or seller just having a looksy-loo into the market or are they serious about it?  It’s a major waste of time and resources if I’m showing a ton of houses to someone who’s just window shopping. Do that at Macy’s.

2) Realistic Expectations – Does this buyer expect to see the types of homes that are typically available in their price range or are they looking for that one great steal (which comes around 1% of the time)? Does the seller expect  their home to go for fair-market value or less, like we’ve seen a lot in today’s market or do they think they should get double what they paid for it?

3) A Good Listener. Obviously, I don’t claim to know everything. But this is my line of work and I put a great deal of time and effort into learning all that I can. And if I don’t know something right away, I pool every resource get the information needed. So, I do expect my clients to listen to me. At least consider what I have to say when it comes to staging their home, getting a home inspection when it’s called for, not sweating “the small stuff” and the overall state of the market. That last statement is the most important one I can make. The media can say things are looking up all they want, what they aren’t saying is they are looking up because we are in a deep crater of a hole dug by bad lending and an increasing rate of foreclosures. Another topic for another time, perhaps!

4)Ethics. I’m lucky I haven’t run into any issues with this yet. But I know there are sellers out there who say they don’t want to sell to a particular race, who don’t disclose known faults with their home or will ask their agent to say there is a 2nd offer when there isn’t one and the sad part is there are agents who will work with these people and it is just WRONG. I don’t engage in any illegal or unethical behavior on my own so why would I risk everything to do something wrong on someone else’s behalf.

In summation, it’s important for me to pick the right clients to work with. It’s as simple as self preservation…Next week’s topic? How buyers and sellers should pick their agents. Stay tuned!


Tomorrow I want to wake up here…

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Welcome to my blog!

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I am a Real Estate agent. Whether you rent or own, chances are good that you have your own ideas about what this position entails. Being a real estate agent, with Why USA Independent Brokers, I have very specific ideas. Of top importance to me when I work with a client who is selling, buying or leasing are the following: Ethics, Communication, Information, Accuracy, Confidentiality and Saving My Clients Their HArd-Earned Money. Do I prepare my clients in every way for any possible scenario? Absolutely. Do I work only with my clients best interests in mind? If I didn’t, I wouldn’t work for a discount company, whose name is little known (but very highly praised). I can’t wait to share more thoughts through this blog about the ways I’d like to revolutionize what it means to be a real estate agent in Nebraska. For too long things have been done by the numbers – and those numbers haven’t been adding up to great savings and ethical proceedings.

Though maintaining the image of a serious and professional Real Estate agent is important to me, I also view this line of work as fun. There isn’t a day that passes that I’m not drooling over listings, design files and architectural sites and blogs. These musings and others will be featured in this blog, as well – so stay tuned!